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Philips 17HM8801 MiraVision 17″ Portrait Mirror TV

The Phillips Miravision seems to be a reality coming into real life, the new phillips mirror tv (named miravision)  comes as a kit you customise yourself, including a fully useable flat screen tv and a mirror based frame. You can then choose where in the mirror you can place the tv, allowing you complete control [...]

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65″ (65 inch) Mirror TV spotted

It has been rumoured that while visiting an exceptional hotel in Russia a reporter was watching a 65″ mirror tv built into a full tall ceilinged wall mirror. At first this rumour seemed to be unbelievable, when 65″ tv’s are not at all commonplace around the world – even as flat panel tvs, let alone [...]

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Miravision Tv’s for sale

If you have been waiting for the latest miravision tv’s to be released, then watch this space because we are avidly awaiting them! According to an insider they are due for public western release within the next 6 months, so potentially they are even being shipped as we speak – I don’t think we are [...]

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Welcome to The Latest Mirror Tv’s

The latest mirror tv’s is a newly formed blog, designed to bring you up to date information and releases from the world of waterproof tv’s, modern hidden televisions, feux televisions and of course the sleek world of gadgetry that true slimline mirror tv’s. A flatscreen LCD Mirror tv or a tft/plasma mirrored television is the [...]

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