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xmas flat screen tv bargains

Another year has flown by, 2010 is about to sneak up on us and hit us with conversations of new years resolutions and christmas carols will be over before you know it, but what of the xmas bargains? What’s good value in the run up to christmas and just after? No doubt the January sales [...]

Posted by David on December 2nd, 2009 under Flat Screen Tvs, HD Tvs, LCD Tv's, OLED Tv's, Plasma Tele's, TFT Televisions  •  No Comments

Biggest Mirror TV ever?

Being a developing market there hasnt been that many mirrored television boasts yet – we are yet to see a “I have the biggest mirror tv ever” claim or similar pop up anywhere prevelent. TV’s hidden behind mirrors are becoming more mainstream though, as lcd, plasma and ultimately OLED lower the width needed and up [...]

Posted by David on October 30th, 2009 under Celebrity Tv, HD Tvs, LCD Tv's, Mirror Tv's, OLED Tv's, Plasma Tele's  •  1 Comment

Worlds Best TV?

What would you call the worlds best tv? would it be the biggest? the brightest? the highest resolution tv – would that class as your worlds best tv? A lot of professional gadget and technology reviewers are undecided on their best tv, some opt for medium size – high quality tv’s – others opt for [...]

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Top 3 tv developments in 2010

With 2010 nearly here we thought it might be about time to look past the ever approaching Christmas rush and head for the hills o 2010, with a run down of the top 3 twistedly good things that will happen to our televisions within the next 14 months. TV in 2010 3. OLED OLED tv’s [...]

Posted by David on October 19th, 2009 under Flat Screen Mirror TVs, Flat Screen Tvs, HD Tvs, LCD Tv's, Mirror Tv's  •  1 Comment

Chatwal to get mirror tv’s

Thierry Despont is a pretty famous architect and designer, his stuff is generally awesome but whats great to know is he has now started to integrate mirror tv’s into his architecture! His latest work “the chatwal” will feature mirror tv’s in its rooms, hidden behind complete mirrored walls!!! Whole mirror walls are a relatively underused [...]

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