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Two-way Mirror TV

What is a mirrored television?

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OLED Mirror TV vs LCD Mirror TV

Time’s were when you would only consider one type of mirrored television, mirror tv’s have come in all shapes and sizes but they started out as simply normal tv’s hidden behind a two way mirror – then they have progressed to lcd mirror tv’s and plasma mirror televisions, both of which vastly surpased the older [...]

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Top 3 tv developments in 2010

With 2010 nearly here we thought it might be about time to look past the ever approaching Christmas rush and head for the hills o 2010, with a run down of the top 3 twistedly good things that will happen to our televisions within the next 14 months. TV in 2010 3. OLED OLED tv’s [...]

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Waterproof Tv’s that are Mirror TV’s

It would seem that mirror tv’s and waterproof/pool/underwater tv’s are becoming a merged category. On a quick scan around the different pool tv sellers you can tell that a lot of the tv’s built into the side of swimming pools’ and outside in gardens (waterproof tv’s) are in fact by default mirror tvs. This is [...]

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Phillips Mirror TV

Its been ages since we last heard about the latest phillips mirror tv and guess what? Still we are waiting. The philips mirror tv appears no more on the horizon than it did months ago – with the mirrored television market still ticking over and plenty of mirrorĀ  tv kits and mirrored tv’s being sold [...]

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