Worlds Best TV?

What would you call the worlds best tv? would it be the biggest? the brightest? the highest resolution tv – would that class as your worlds best tv? A lot of professional gadget and technology reviewers are undecided on their best tv, some opt for medium size – high quality tv’s – others opt for £100k 100+ inch monster tv’s – but really the worlds best tv is likely to be one of the better tv’s but different to almost every end user – because we each want different special features.

Some people want wireless internet built into their tv, others want bigger than full hd resoutions 1440p? some want more than that. OLED is the star of 2010, we know that and 2010 isnt even here yet! OLED Tv’s are going to be big, big beautiful and very very thin. But what about now?


A quick google search brings up Pioneer (I bet their marketing company is happy with that!) The Pioneer Kuro then, according to google is the worlds best tv! But the kuro range of tv’s is plasma based (except the HD kuro projector) – something you wouldnt expect when OLED is already about. From the reviews around though Kuro is actualy a damn good option – so perhaps it is the worlds best tv? We don’t actually have an answer for you – because that depends on what you want out of a tv – whats the worlds best tv for you?

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