Waterproof Tv’s that are Mirror TV’s

It would seem that mirror tv’s and waterproof/pool/underwater tv’s are becoming a merged category. On a quick scan around the different pool tv sellers you can tell that a lot of the tv’s built into the side of swimming pools’ and outside in gardens (waterproof tv’s) are in fact by default mirror tvs. This is kinda cool but it does highlight the market for mirror tv’s is definitely that of a luxury rich lifestyle. By nature of being in the market for an underwater television for your swimming pool you will have a bit of disposable income. But is it a good idea to buy one of these garden safe televisions for use within the house?


Simply put we would say no. While these tv’s are often mirror tvs available as a single unit – they are usually waterproof and as a result much more expensive than your standard flat screen tv. Inside your house you are unlikely to need as much waterproofing around your tv as you are in your garden, of course if you are after a television to put into your bathroom this might still be a valid way of putting one in! Whether or not its a good idea is of course relative to your situation, these external garden tv’s are good – but expensive!

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