Top 3 tv developments in 2010

With 2010 nearly here we thought it might be about time to look past the ever approaching Christmas rush and head for the hills o 2010, with a run down of the top 3 twistedly good things that will happen to our televisions within the next 14 months.

TV in 2010

OLED tv’s are going to be big, big and square, well they are definatly going to be the best type of tv to buy in 2010, with hugely improved clarity, energy consumption, resolution, brightness and so slim you could slice bread with oled is going to rule 2010 flatscreens.

2. Terrestrial Television goes Full HD

Within the next 12 months (and then some depending on your area of the uk) we will all be getting terrestrial HD, that is BBC in HD, ITV in HD, Channel 4 in HD and Five in HD. This will be great and while not all programs will be transmitted in full hd it is a good step towards much better resolution television.


By far the coolest thing to come to televisions in the uk in 2010 will be full internet functionality. Thats nothing new I hear you say, well in fact its not – tv’s have had internet on and off for a few years – but the functionality has never been seamless, fast or fun. New tv’s will have / do have ethernet ports on the back, so you can plug them into your network like a computer, potentially allowing for broadband internet surfing, media streaming and even cross network using the tv as an extended monitor for any pc! All of these options could be even better if they bring out a wifi capable television within 2010. The only reason its really worth porting the net strait into modern tv’s is their increasing resolution – meaning that web pages don’t come out looking like a dogs ear, like they used too on tv!

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