OLED Mirrored Television

The question is – how long till we see an OLED Mirror TV launched?  we have seen the benifits of OLED, with much brighter, clearer, nicer quality tv – although the price is still quite high for a decent OLED tv – it cant be long before the waterproof garden and swimming pool tv guys get hold of the OLED’s and stick a mirror oled tv kit together. The brighter capacity of OLED tv’s is ideally suited to the mirror tv because it will make it more vividly stand out through the mirror pane, something that low contrast normal lcd or plasma tv’s (more lcd than plasma) tv’s can have problems with – especially in the sunny day the two way mirror tv can not work fantastically. The other thing that you get with OLED tv’s is the absolute insanely thin profile of sometimes just a few millemeters – something which is 100% ideal for hiding a tv behind a mirror.


So thats a good idea if your listening mirror tv manufacturers – bring us an OLED mirrored television and whatever the price you will have some customers!

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