OLED Mirror TV vs LCD Mirror TV

Time’s were when you would only consider one type of mirrored television, mirror tv’s have come in all shapes and sizes but they started out as simply normal tv’s hidden behind a two way mirror – then they have progressed to lcd mirror tv’s and plasma mirror televisions, both of which vastly surpased the older method of doing this – by nature of being cathode ray tube based tv’s the old style mirror tv had to be really deep and so could only work in some installation places.

LCD and plasma mirror tv changed all that because they only needed to be a few centimetres thick and so you could install lcd mirror tv’s in much more places than you could a tradidional 2way mirror crt tv. But as my previous post on flat screen tv’s in 2010 shows there is a new type of technology on the scene, and this is the relative bad boy of flat screen tvs.


That is the OLED tv. OLED tv’s have huge unsung properities, they are hugely brighter and can provide much better picture quality, refresh rates and contrast ratios than any other type of television. But in mirror tv’ style their most wanted feature is their ability to be super slim. You can get OLED tvs thinner than 1cm – that is almost paper thin! Imagine then as I am sure you already have the possibilities for an oled mirror tv! an OLED based Mirror tv would be quite literally as deep as a standard mirror, could for 100% intensive purposes appear to be a mirror, yet at the flick of a switch an OLED mirror tv is born, with the increased brightness you will also likely get a better picture quality and vibrance from an oled mirror tv than you would an lcd mirror tv.

Basically OLED Mirror TV’s are going to be the biggest thing to ever happen to the mirrored television market, the only current prohibiter is the prices of OLED screens, which are on their way down – so watch out in 2010 or at latest 1st quarter of 2011 – you will start seeing OLED mirror tv’s and OLED Mirror Tv kit’s – mark our words!!

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