Biggest Mirror TV ever?

Being a developing market there hasnt been that many mirrored television boasts yet – we are yet to see a “I have the biggest mirror tv ever” claim or similar pop up anywhere prevelent. TV’s hidden behind mirrors are becoming more mainstream though, as lcd, plasma and ultimately OLED lower the width needed and up the brightness of these screens, mirror tv’s become a lot more viable as a product.


So strictly speaking what is the biggest mirror tv ever? Well here at tv the biggest mirrored television we have ever seen was a 50 inch mirror tv based on an LG plasma screen, now as tv screens go they get a lot lot bigger than 50 inch, but we are yet too see a working 100 inch mirror tv – who will get the biggest mirror tv ever in 2010? We shall see!

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  1. Anita Liu Says:

    mirror TV is a fantastic goods.
    Can be used when the TV is off.
    And we have another kind that can be used as mirror whenever the TV is off or on.
    What’s better, they are waterproof.

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