17 TV – 17 Inch Tv’s

It’s quite an odd size 17 inchs for a television. 17 tv’s were never really that popular – most people went from smaller 15 inch televisions strait to 21 inch or 19 inch tv sets – but now the fashionable small tv size seems to be 17 tv inchs. Perhaps this fits better in the kitchen or is easier added to the bedroom wall – either way with prices of bigger flat screen tv’s steadily dropping its suprising there still are as many sales for smaller tv’s.


17″ Mirror tvs and 17 inch mirror tv kits are also very popular – I think here though people just like to try out the concept of a mirror tv and a 17 helps them to try it out without spending a lot of money – quite a lot of people come back after buying a 17 incher and go bigger. Do you own a seventeen inch tv?

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