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Biggest Mirror TV ever?

Being a developing market there hasnt been that many mirrored television boasts yet – we are yet to see a “I have the biggest mirror tv ever” claim or similar pop up anywhere prevelent. TV’s hidden behind mirrors are becoming more mainstream though, as lcd, plasma and ultimately OLED lower the width needed and up [...]

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17 TV – 17 Inch Tv’s

It’s quite an odd size 17 inchs for a television. 17 tv’s were never really that popular – most people went from smaller 15 inch televisions strait to 21 inch or 19 inch tv sets – but now the fashionable small tv size seems to be 17 tv inchs. Perhaps this fits better in the [...]

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12 Volt Televisions

12 volt televisions used to be great when you went camping – you could get it out and plug it onto a car battery and away you go – british camping summers in the wet rain would be alright with a bit of eastenders on the 12 volt tv. But not only do we now [...]

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Worlds Best TV?

What would you call the worlds best tv? would it be the biggest? the brightest? the highest resolution tv – would that class as your worlds best tv? A lot of professional gadget and technology reviewers are undecided on their best tv, some opt for medium size – high quality tv’s – others opt for [...]

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OLED Mirror TV vs LCD Mirror TV

Time’s were when you would only consider one type of mirrored television, mirror tv’s have come in all shapes and sizes but they started out as simply normal tv’s hidden behind a two way mirror – then they have progressed to lcd mirror tv’s and plasma mirror televisions, both of which vastly surpased the older [...]

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