Phillips Mirror TV

Its been ages since we last heard about the latest phillips mirror tv and guess what? Still we are waiting. The philips mirror tv appears no more on the horizon than it did months ago – with the mirrored television market still ticking over and plenty of mirrorĀ  tv kits and mirrored tv’s being sold it would seem that phillips are not actively pursuing the idea of a mass market mirror tv, or are they? We havent been able to find out and worldwide it seems that the stock of philips mirror tv’s appears to remain out of stock and unavailable – which is a shame as the phillips miravision mirrored television should be huge – A quality flat screen of 42″ hidden behind a mirror!


We, as ever will keep you posted on the status of the philips mirror tv but theres not much promising news at the moment – if we can get phillips to give us a statement or find another big manufacturer who is showing positive signs you will be the first to know! But its not all doom and gloom – if you check our mirror tv section you will see theres still a large number of mirrored tv’s that are still being manufacturered, all-be-it by non brand names and in mirror tv kit form.

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