Raymura Mirror tv – any good?

Spotted on youtube the Raymura mirror tv looks to be one of the most stylish solutions for mirror tv’s currently available (there are not many good producers of mirror television systems at this point!) Check out thier promotional video below, it seems to show a very large mirrored television built into a wall of mirror’s – also a more traditional ornate mirror that is presumably also a flat screen tv. From what you see in the video (mostly promotional words) the tv’s look pretty good but we haven’t heard anything about them other than this.

The mirror tv video is explained as “Relying on a simple yet revolutionary technology, raymura conceals wall-mounted TV screens, either plasma or LCD, behind a unique mirror concept which renders a pitch-perfect picture. Watching television, whether it is turned ON or OFF remains a pleasure.” – we cant wait to see more details on these but this new swiss hidden tv company looks to be making good developments in the concealed mirror tv market.

Mirror Tv Posts – Raymura Mirror tv – any good?

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