Philips 17HM8801 MiraVision 17″ Portrait Mirror TV

phillips-miravisionThe Phillips Miravision seems to be a reality coming into real life, the new phillips mirror tv (named miravision)  comes as a kit you customise yourself, including a fully useable flat screen tv and a mirror based frame. You can then choose where in the mirror you can place the tv, allowing you complete control over how the miravision sits within your home. We think this is great and will definately look forward to giving it a trial in our house.

Phillips say: “MiraVision Mirror TV is completely customizable. Each model comes in a standard frame that easily can be removed and replaced by a customized frame to enhance existing decor. Whether turned on and operating as a fully functional FlatTV display or serving as a reflective mirror when the power is turned off, the MiraVision Mirror TV is the perfect decoration for any room.”

The interesting spin will be the fact that potentially with the miravision kit you will be able to reframe the mirror, meaning this mass market mirrored television kit will work with all mirror frames you can buy elsewhere! This is a great leap forward for use of the mirror tv within home interior decorating.

Mirror Tv Posts – Philips 17HM8801 MiraVision 17″ Portrait Mirror TV

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