65″ (65 inch) Mirror TV spotted

It has been rumoured that while visiting an exceptional hotel in Russia a reporter was watching a 65″ mirror tv built into a full tall ceilinged wall mirror. At first this rumour seemed to be unbelievable, when 65″ tv’s are not at all commonplace around the world – even as flat panel tvs, let alone to be used in mirrored tv functions, but after seeing a photo we find this completely believable – Imagine having a tv bigger than most tvs anywhere completly hidden within a mirrored wall. Now if that isn’t extravagance we don’t know what is but it would be damn cool to control that remote. If we get more information on this (the worlds biggest mirror tv?) or which russian hotel it features in we will keep you posted – its nice to see some exceptional mirror-tv’s being released.


Mirror Tv Posts – 65″ (65 inch) Mirror TV spotted

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