Why choose a Mirror Tv?

There are a ton of great reasons to choose a mirror tv over a traditional flat screen,  but we thought we would have a bit of a toss up here on the mirror tv blog.

Here is ten good reasons to own a mirror tv over a normal tv.

  • A mirrored television is an exciting product
  • A mirror tv looks great in all rooms
  • A mirror tv is much less “in your face” than a normal flat screen
  • Mirror Tv’s come in all the same shapes, sizes and makes as regular flat screen tvs
  • Its a cool trick to be able to turn a mirror into a tv at the click of a remote
  • It will amaze your mates
  • Mirror tv’s are water tight so they can often go in bathrooms!
  • Installing a Mirror tv is ore than easy
  • Mirror tv’s are available everywhere
  • Phillips Miravision is out soon!! (we hope)

That’s our top 10  – although theres probably hundreds more reasons why you should choose a mirror tv – they are just so damn cool!

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