TV that looks like a mirror

Some people it would seem still don’t fully understand the point of mirrored televisions. First up its not just taking a regular fixed flatscreen tv and hiding it behind a regular mirror purchased from some homewares shop it is NOT a tv that looks like a mirror. Whether you are looking at a miravision tv or a professionally built modern style mirror tv, or even bathroom mirror tv’s they are a bit more clever than your standard television.

What it is is a development of technology allowing you to have both a screen and a mirror in one unit. Sleek, thin and stylish. You get ornate ones but the frames limit their appeal, even though you do get some amazing mirror tv’s with nice frames. The mirror tvs to watch are those that are more modern, with clean cut edges, occasionaly sunk back into walls so it really looks just like a mirror but is in face at the flick of a remote a television or computer screen.

Mirror tv’s are more than a tv that looks like a mirror people!

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