xmas flat screen tv bargains

Another year has flown by, 2010 is about to sneak up on us and hit us with conversations of new years resolutions and christmas carols will be over before you know it, but what of the xmas bargains? What’s good value in the run up to christmas and just after? No doubt the January sales will bring a whole host of bargains across all shops – from electronics to home furnishings. But in fact its a lesser known fact that pre-xmas bargains are in fact just as rife. Nicknamed Cyber monday – (just after black friday) – online shops all over the uk are dropping prices on a whole host of goodies. The reason I mention this here on this blog is the tv bargains!

Its been reported that online shops (98% +) offer cyber monday – > xmas bargains – and yes that includes even the huge screen tvs. We won’t mention any names *cough* Amazon *cough* has some OUTSTANDING flatscreen tv bargains – full hd tv’s with hundreds of quids off – with family visit’s looming and the festive season being more and more about entertainment the market for more sales of tv’s has meant that you can get some really cheap tv’s online – so check out Amazon’s TV section for some xmas bargain tv’s – they are ridiculously cheap at the minute.

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Two-way Mirror TV

What is a mirrored television? <– if you have seen this site before you should probably already know the answer to this question, but I do still get asked it a lot by people unaware that a “mirror tv” is simply exactly what it sounds like it is, effectively a two-way mirror with a tv behind it. You would be suprised how many people don’t get that from the name – but then I suppose the mirrored tv is not mainstream enough yet, despite the fact its quite cheap to make one using a mirror tv kit or by buying a two way mirror it seems people are not yet getting them.

Give it 12 months and maybe less people will assume a mirror tv is a tv with a mirrored edge or that you watch through a mirror round a corner!

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Biggest Mirror TV ever?

Being a developing market there hasnt been that many mirrored television boasts yet – we are yet to see a “I have the biggest mirror tv ever” claim or similar pop up anywhere prevelent. TV’s hidden behind mirrors are becoming more mainstream though, as lcd, plasma and ultimately OLED lower the width needed and up the brightness of these screens, mirror tv’s become a lot more viable as a product.


So strictly speaking what is the biggest mirror tv ever? Well here at tv mirror.co.uk the biggest mirrored television we have ever seen was a 50 inch mirror tv based on an LG plasma screen, now as tv screens go they get a lot lot bigger than 50 inch, but we are yet too see a working 100 inch mirror tv – who will get the biggest mirror tv ever in 2010? We shall see!

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17 TV – 17 Inch Tv’s

It’s quite an odd size 17 inchs for a television. 17 tv’s were never really that popular – most people went from smaller 15 inch televisions strait to 21 inch or 19 inch tv sets – but now the fashionable small tv size seems to be 17 tv inchs. Perhaps this fits better in the kitchen or is easier added to the bedroom wall – either way with prices of bigger flat screen tv’s steadily dropping its suprising there still are as many sales for smaller tv’s.


17″ Mirror tvs and 17 inch mirror tv kits are also very popular – I think here though people just like to try out the concept of a mirror tv and a 17 helps them to try it out without spending a lot of money – quite a lot of people come back after buying a 17 incher and go bigger. Do you own a seventeen inch tv?

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12 Volt Televisions

12 volt televisions used to be great when you went camping – you could get it out and plug it onto a car battery and away you go – british camping summers in the wet rain would be alright with a bit of eastenders on the 12 volt tv. But not only do we now think of 12 volt batteries in cars, but the common volt rail in the inside of a pc case is also 12 volt’s now – ideal perhaps if you want to run a 12 volt tv?


Does anyone still own one of those oldschool camping 12 volt televisions – or has anyone managed to rig up a new 12 volt television into a pc?

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